Well, That Vacation Didn’t Go As Planned

We’ll it’s Tuesday, March 1st, 2022. Officially Day 06 of vacation for Summer and Delilah but certainly no vaction at all for the rest of us. I’m back at Grand Strand Medical Center in Mytrle Beach, SC with Mom. She is doing much better than she was when we left her Sunday night. She’d cleared of infections and seems a whole lot mofe like herself than in recent days. I don’t know if she’s being released today or tomorrow, but I’d think her discharge would be imminent unless there are still issues I’m not aware of. The infection Dr has told us she has no infection of any kind. I think they were concerned she had Meninjaitus, but after a whole battery of tests she has been cleared of that.

I am satisfied with the level of service down here, but I have never, ever seen a hospitol that is this busy. It’s crazy that they can manage these numbers at all. They have a sensible COVID policy, but not too aggresive. Of course they are slow to respond to the buzzer as far as sending a nurse to the room. Also the only facility of it’s kind I’ve ever seen with free valet parking.

I’d like to tell you that everyone pulled together in this time but tempers definitely got frayed, mine included. I’d been dealing with some unusual neck pain that the stress and literally even people talking too much seemed to make ache even more. I got a massage (Thanks Nancee,) which helped a little but didn’t cure the condition. I made the silly mistake of telling Nancee that my neck didn’t ache as much on my drive back down here because I was able to sit and listen to my music with no interaction or hearing someone talk in my ear for 3 hours. Now, in retrospective I guess that could have came out insensitive, but since I was the one in pain, you know I thought maybe she could be a sympathetic ear. WRONG! She acted totally like a mean child so I went to bed lasty night really, really perturbed about how all this is fleshing out.

Mom, while I’m sure is thankful on the one had to be feeling better is really not very understanding of how long it is taking to get discharged and she basically hears what she wants to hear. For instance, “We’ve clear you of any brain infection.” What she hears is, “You can go home today.” Then a whole string of miscommunication gets fired off. If I’m not sitting in that room 24/7 we’ve dumbed here off down here. Now THAT is frustrating.

I need to stick to being my kind supportive self despite how anyone treats me. THAT is the way.

Anyways, God is good now as always.